Manuel Tsotsalas

Manuel is currently engaged as a visiting lecturer at Northwestern University in the group of Randall Snurr through a Feodor Lynen Experienced Researcher Grant, Manuel’s primary professional home lies at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) where he leads a tenured Helmholtz Young Investigator Group. Alongside academia, he co-founded Aixelo Inc., serving as its Chief Technology Officer (CTO), with the aim of easing the integration of AI-powered decisions in the chemicals and materials sector, thereby enhancing modern research and development processes.

Manuel’s academic foundation was laid at Münster University, where he studied chemistry and obtained his Ph.D., followed by a Habilitation in Organic Chemistry from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. His academic pursuits have taken him to various corners of the globe, including his post-doc at Kyoto University and research visits at Cornell University, Northwestern University, and Rennes University, each venture contributing to his broader understanding and passion for developing functional materials marked by hierarchical structures and adaptive properties.

Manuel’s interests and work extend beyond just the synthesis of new materials, encompassing a broader vision of their application towards health and sustainability. It’s a journey that’s not just confined to the lab but ventures into real-world applications, demonstrating the versatile potential of modern chemistry.

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Yi Luo

Research topic:
Data-driven approaches in MOF study

Lena Pilz
PhD Candidate

Research topic:
Synthesisoptimizations, SURMOFs, Machine learning based methods, Nanoparticles, Automation

Simon Spiegel
PhD Candidate

Research topic:
MOF-Polymer-Hybridmaterials, Surface Functionalization, Design and analysis of MOFs for direct air capture (DAC)

Amirali Salehi
PhD Candidate

Research topic:
Metal-Organic Frameworks for Enhanced Direct Air Capture of CO2

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